I stayed in Montevideo just for one day, knowing that I’ll come back soon and stay for 10 days then. So I really didn’t do much in the capital city, but I dropped by the Mercado del Puerto (port market) before heading towards Colonia del Sacramento. In fact, Mercado del Puerto seemed to be the most popular destination among tourists, especially these days due to the cold outside.

Even though it’s called Port Market, it turned out to be an indoor space of restaurants. Specifically, the restaurants were mostly focusing on grilled meat, or Asado.

Encouraged by the friendly promotional gesture outside, I entered one place and they were actually serving meat in the Rodizio style, a typical Brazilian way. And I had never seen Rodizio being served by a woman. When asked, the young server showed a sweet smile. Despite the kindness, the meat was dry and hard, so I will need to appreciate more authentic Uruguayan asado the next time.

@Mercado del Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay, August 4, 2018