Interview with Beatriz Pérez, January 27, 2018

I met Beatriz back in January 2018 in León, México.

Our relationship started as an automotive technician and a customer thanks to a Google Maps suggestion; however, we later connected in many different ways, which led me to stay in León for a week, totally unexpectedly.

Beti greatly appreciated what I was doing and connected it with her own life’s plan – I normally try not to take things with grandeur mission statements but seeing the potential influence of what I am doing on her plans encouraged me to think about my travel again.

More than anything, hope you enjoy her stories.

@León, México, January 27, 2018

E2. Interview with Brett Anderson, Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama, February 24, 2018,

In the very first video that I uploaded, I talked about why I decided to travel. However, I continue to get asked on a regular basis, “Why do you travel?” by people that I meet on the road, and I suspect this will continue throughout my travel, or even after I finish it.

I am curious to observe if my reasons for traveling change or evolve over time, and sometime in the future I plan to shoot another video in which I review my motivations.

At least for now, a big part of the motivation is to get to know about other ways of living – I hope the knowledge itself will help me understand better the diverse ways of making human lives work, instead of being too influenced by only a limited number of “success cases” that I have been exposed to in my past communities. Consequently, I hope the knowledge helps me make more regret-proof decisions about the way I choose to live the rest of my life.


I met Brett in Panama city, when I was being frustrated by certain small things. His overall positive perspective and our similarities in many unexpected aspects helped me restore energy to appreciate the joy of traveling again.




E1. Mini interview with Diego Hernandez, founder of Matraz café in Guadalajara January 22, 2018


Mini interview with Diego Hernandez, founder of Matraz café in Guadalajara

January 22, 2018


A big part of my travel is giving me opportunities to hear about how others are living in the world. In this sense, the figurative title ‘Listening to the world’ becomes literal.

For this purpose, I’ve been interviewing people here and there with decent cameras and mics, but when I met Diego in Guadalajara, I wanted to experiment a casual mini interview just with a phone.

I think it turned out great and I enjoyed the conversation just like any other interviews.