lago de Coatepeque, el salvador, February 9, 2018

I visited another lake formed in a volcanic crater. This one, lake Coatepec, seemed a lot smaller than lake Atitlan in Guatemala, but to me, it was equally beautiful and enjoyable for a tranquil afternoon.

I also dropped by Tekunal cafe next to the lake to meet the owner, who is a friend of the hostel owner where I stayed in Santa Ana the night before.

Finally I tried to shoot an overdue self interview close to water. Everything was going well until I was kicked out of the park at 4pm because they needed to close!

@lago de Coatepeque, el salvador, February 9, 2018

Chris and Pupusa,santa Ana, El salvador, February 8, 2018

The first thing I was thinking about as I was approaching El Salvador was Pupusa. Pupusa is a corn or rice tortilla stuffed with a variety of fillings. I think I first tried pupusa years ago at a potluck at work in Washington DC and I remember thinking then, “This thing is more serious than what it looks like!”

And thanks Chris for the conversation on relationships, long term traveling, and other general craziness of yours which certainly dropped my jaw several times.

@santa Ana, El salvador, February 8, 2018

Teatro del bicentenario, Leon, Mexico January 27, 2018

A week in Leon was just another example of serendipity, which seems to happen so effortlessly when traveling. The original plan of staying one day ended up being a week in the city, thanks to the new friends.

This was my 6th day in Leon while walking around the public garden in front of the Teatro Bicentenario, where I could happen to watch the annual festival of the city across the street. The rides and rollercoasters looked much more interesting than those in the Universal Studios in LA, which were mostly simulation-based experiences.

@ Teatro del bicentenario, Leon, Mexico
January 27, 2018

With Jorge Martínez

With Jorge Martínez. Life-appreciating, poetic and philosophical guy originally from Veracruz. Ran into twice a day, which led to an hour-long sharing of ideas.

@ 9 Esquinas, Guadalajara, Mexico

December 9, 2017, Los Angeles


Travelling always allows unexpected encounters, but this day was full of serendipity – how I caught Dhaval at a conference I had not planned to attend, and then how I met AJ and was impressed by his energy.

AJ, Dhaval, me

@Los Angeles, USA, December 9, 2017