I came back to Argentina. Two months ago, I was in Northern Argentina, but I was mostly driving to get to Paraguay. So I came back to get to see the country better – this huge country seemed to deserve it. I’ll travel Argentina for as much as possible before I conclude the South American leg of the travel in Montevideo at the end of this month.

In the morning, my destination for the day was Rosario, but by the time I left the Uruguayan/Argentinian customs, it was obvious that I could not make it before the sunset. So I stayed in the small town right after the border. It’s called Gualeguaychu. The name is a mouthful and seems complicated, but on the second day, my mouth and eyes were warmed up. And I learned that the name means “a big river” in the Guarani language.

When overlanding, you get to observe that things are changing gradually by distance and they include almost everything – the way people look, the way people speak, and even the popular household products. For example, Jujuy, an Argentinian city close to Bolivia, seemed more Bolivia and Argentina.

And Gualeguaychu seemed distinct from the Northern Argentina that I experienced. So I tried to remember the sense of the city. Later, this will form a part of “Argentina” that I’ll remember and I’ll also see how other parts of the country compare.

@Gualeguaychú, Argentina, August 6, 2018