Uruguay is much smaller than its neighboring countries. And it’s sweet to be reminded that I can get to almost anywhere in the country within a couple hours of driving. And the roads are, to quote wikitravel, boringly straight and flat.

I’ll have to spend more time in Uruguay at the end of this month when I ship my vehicle to Europe. So for now, I’m mostly “passing by” the country at a comfortable speed. But I stopped by “punta del este” to see the sculpture that I had seen numerous times in others’ blogs. Only this morning, did I realized that this place was in Uruguay.

So far, I’ve only seen this place being referenced as The fingers or Los dedos, but the name plate read The hand or La mano although they are two different perspectives.

@la mano, punta del este, Uruguay, August 2, 2018 @ Los Dedos-Punta del Este-Uruguay