You upload the highlight of your day on your SNS, and travelers do the same. In fact, travelers are constantly presented with beautiful and exciting scenes, and this makes it even less likely to get to know about their ‘housekeeping’ efforts to do make the traveling going day after day.

In south of Colombia, the closest and the most frequented border is in Ipiales. Having heard about long delays of up to 10 hours due to Venezuelan refugees there, I finally decided to go to a different border in La Hormiga. This was not an easy decision, since the consequence of the change was 5 additional hours of driving in mountains where the roads are not paved!

For the last couple days, I felt like a traveling machine – driving 7+ hours a day and making sure to rest well at night so that I can repeat it the next day. While on the road, lots of thoughts occupy my brain:
-At this speed, will I be able to make it to my friends in Quito and Lima without delay?
-Does the hostal for tonight have a safe parking space?
-What if the car fails now? There’s no cell signal and it’s one hour before getting dark. … The list goes on.

In the midst of all these, sometimes I get to ‘see’ outside and realize where I am. I realize that I am surrounded by beautiful nature which I had not been listening to for hours; I realize how amazing it is to be the sole owner of my time right here right now. The video is just a small piece of the many reminders I had that day.

@San Agustin, Colombia, April 2nd, 2018