I knew I was going to get to Popayan one day, because it is on the road to Ecuador. Over the past weeks though, my interest level went up, after hearing about what it was like to grow up in the town from my new Colombian friend in Medellin. Also, I read that Popayan is one of the most underestimated towns in Colombia where tourism is expected to grow.

The colonial-era style city planning and architecture definitely had its charm – it reminded me of Antigua, Nicaragua a little bit. And the numerous buildings painted white probably gave the city a catchy nickname, white city or ciudad blanca.

The city is also known for its gastronomy – about a decade ago, the UNESCO named it the Gastronomy Capital. Unlucky for me, restaurants were all closed when I was there, being a Sunday. So I had to go to a Chinese instead, which was pretty good actually.

According to my friend, the rumor has it that the hill (4th picture) is artificial – many years ago, the oppressed indigenous people hid lots of treasure at the bottom of the hill. I was slightly tempted.

The last picture of the couple was taken at the top of the Cerro Morra. They gave me the permission but they looked both pleased and annoyed after checking out themselves.

@Cerro Morro, Popayán, Colombia, March 31, 2018