Boquete was the second city in Panama where I stayed. This city is another example which proves that itineraries are always subject to change when travelling. In order to get to Panama City on time, I meant to make it to at least Santiago that day, but the city only seemed to have poor quality accommodation options within my budget. And I thought it was important to avoid poorly-lit depressing rooms for two nights in a row. So I decided to even make a detour and stay at one of boquete’s modern hostels.

Boquete is a small town at high altitude surrounded by mountains, and this gives boquete a much cooler climate than that of the rest of Panama. It is also known for the coffee plantations nearby, where 100% of Panamanian coffee is produced.

What I liked about Boquete was its stream flowing through the center of town. After visiting large scale lakes and rivers recently, I started to miss narrow stream with which I grew up when I was little – After all the urbanization they’ve disappeared in my hometown.

Right next to the steam, they organized the town’s annual flower festival, which made the whole seen even more photogenic. And that’s also where I ran into a couple from Argentina, who were selling homemade Alfajor. When I first saw them I was confused about what they were doing – they just looked like foreign tourists like myself. They said they had been traveling for two years and they were looking for financially sustainable ways for travelling longer.

@boquete, panama, February 17, 2018