These days I’m enjoying days with no plans (well, I’m still working hard to catch up on things that are not about travelling). By chance, my hostel is a bit far from the city center, so I’ve been stuck at the hostel while only making occasional visits to a nearby mini market to buy eggs and onions to make my repetitive but otherwise satisfactory meals.

As I was going to the mini market today, one señora suggested me a local restaurant. It turned out that it was right next to the market – I hadn’t noticed the place due to its very humble appearance.

I had a typical meal, which was the only option : rice and beans, salad, and spicy chicken stew. It cost 4.75 dollars. My feeling is that this was the typical meal in Costa Rica as well 🙂

The name of the place was La Parada, the bus stop. After taking a seat, I realized that it was a descriptive name.

@la Parada, Panamá city, Panamá, February 23, 2018