For a night owl like me, having to wake up at 5:30am is something I normally avoid or ignore. But today I had no other option – I needed to load my car into a container at the port in Colon.

Darien gap, an infamous jungle between Panama and Colombia, is the only part of the PanAmerican highway that is not passable by land. Worse, there is no ferry connecting this route, so the only remaining option is to ship vehicles via containers, which is an overwhelming idea for anyone who has never dealt with commercial containers.

From the first time I considered a PanAmerican overlandering travel, bypassing Darien gap was the symbol of the travel itself. The very idea that I’ve come to this far was making me excited last night – I did not sleep well.

There was lots of waiting here and there throughout the processes, but the well-experienced local agents helped us finish the whole things by noon.

Compared to others’ serious 4x4s, my car looked like a golf cart, but hey, I have the best fuel economy 😁

@colon, Panama, February 20, 2018