Copacabana was the second town where I got to appreciate the Lake Titikaka, after Puno in Peru. Some travelers later asked me how the two places compare. As for the towns, Puno seemed bigger with more activities going on, but in Copacabana, the Lake Titikaka seemed more like a sea. It is probably because of the wider view of the lake there.

One of many good things about traveling around the world is that you eventually get to visit (almost) everywhere that people talk about when they plan the next vacation trip. I could have visited Copacabana three years ago as a short weekend trip on a business trip to La Paz. After three years of occasional wondering, I finally got to know what it’s like to be in Copacabana and what the Lake Titikaka feels like. I was slightly moved by the thought of this small achievement.

In Copacabana, the biggest tourist activity is doing a day trip to the Sun Island (Isla de Sol). Everyone seemed to go there. But I wanted to appreciate the lake more relaxed and at my own pace, instead of being mindful of ferry departure times and the tour program. So I climbed Cerro Calvario. The hike only gained 200 meters but it was the most demanding hike in this trip since the town is already 3,800 meters high.

So on the top of the hill, I sat on the ground looking at the lake. And stayed until sunset. I repeated it the next day.

@Cerro Calvario, Copacabana, Bolivia, May 7, 2018