To me, Corrientes seemed quite similar to Asuncion. Not only did the streets look alike, but people used some Guarani words and ate Chipa. I tried but it was a bit hard to appreciate Corrientes as Corrientes because I was already overwhelmed the excitement about getting to Paraguay in a couple days.

But I was happy to get to know Mr. Angel Augusto. In his 70s, he travels with his bike all around Argentina. He had just ridden 1,000km to get to Corrientes from Buenos Aires.

To help me understand the sense of freedom he loves when he rides a bike, he offered me a ride in one morning. It felt much more connected with the environment compared to when driving my car, and I hope to repeat it in Buenos Aires.

The day I met him also happened to be his first night staying at a hostel. So I am sure that I was the first friend he made at a hostel. I know very well that the first night can be tough – I hope it was not so much for him.

@Corrientes, Argentina, May 27, 2018