It’s still the northernmost part of Argentina but when I think about it, it is definitely not insignificant that I made it up to this far, to the Southern Cone region. After 8 months and almost 40,000 kilometers, my company(car) and I are still healthy without having hurt anyone. I can only be grateful for this since I know that the majority of the variables were not under my control.

The border crossing from Bolivia to Argentina was not expected to be a length one. Other travelers reported about an hour or a bit more. But it ended up three hours with multiple different inspection steps. It was probably the second lengthiest after the one into Canada. Here they used two scanners : one for my bags another for the car, as seen in the second picture. I heard that this is due to infamous drug trafficking .

But what made this exhausting experience memorable were the Argentinian officials. Their curiosity and friendliness accompanied me through the whole steps. One of them wanted to buy my partially broken bicycle (in the second picture) but ended up just fixing it for me.

As soon as I crossed the border, I noticed small details that remind me of my second home, Paraguay. Just to mention a few, the use of vos instead of tú, and easy sightings of lomitos (beef sandwich) and Mates around. I feel that I am exiting the Andean region.

@La Quiaca, Argentina, May 21, 2018