On a Friday, I decided to spend in La Paz until Monday instead of driving South. That was to make sure to finish some logistical stuff with ease and to experience the city further. And the latter included an afternoon trip to Valle de la Luna, or the Moon Valley.

Google argued that it was about 18 minutes of driving to get there, but it took me over an hour. I think I was caught in the weekend rush hour.

The pictures must speak for themselves. Overall, it felt like a less gigantic version of the Badlands National Park in South Dakota, where I took the first cover photo of my car. It still felt like out of the Earth and I was glad I could explore most of the hills and valleys within two hours.

Just to savour the experience better, I recently started this practice – sitting on the ground, closing eyes and focus on other senses. This helps remembering the place by non-visual senses.

@Valle de la luna, La Paz, Bolivia, May 12, 2018