It was an ordinary Monday in the Centro in Bogotá, Colombia. The sound of a salsa song was getting louder in the direction I was walking. With curiosity, I was expecting a local live band but it turned out to be a street-karaoke while the singer was promoting her albums!

I could not help but think of Celia Cruz. The street singer was the closest person alive to Celia Cruz at that moment. Another small observation was the reaction of people next to her; they looked like no big deal was happening. Farther away around the corner, was there actually another singer. She was singing a different type of music but both of them were taking turns in a friendly manner.

As a Salsa aficionado, Colombia’s Salsa scene has been interesting to observe the past three weeks. I do not plan to treat this subject too much here, but briefly speaking, I think the country is a king of romantic salsa music – not too much of Salsa Romántica, but literally romantic salsa music with pretty melodies and lyrics.

@Centro, Bogotá, Colombia, March 26, 2018