Darien Gap, the impassable roadblock between Panama and Colombia let us get together and enjoy fried chicken today. Alizee and Stevy (left) are from France who started their overlanding journey from Canada. Brett (right top) has ridden his motorbike from Nebraska, US.

When we were in Panama, there were two ships to choose from to send our vehicles. Alizee and Stevy chose the “right ship” – theirs arrived in Colombia on time and the rest of other tourists, including myself, were told that ours is delayed by a week!

Many people think of long-term traveling as a sequence of romantic activities but there are lots of logistical roadblocks and preparations to deal with every day. Despite that, we agreed that we were happy to be traveling. It is not our goal to finally get to somewhere – the value of what we do must lie in our act of going and experiencing.

@pollo Broaster caliche, Cartagena, Colombia, February 28, 2018