In the very first video that I uploaded, I talked about why I decided to travel. However, I continue to get asked on a regular basis, “Why do you travel?” by people that I meet on the road, and I suspect this will continue throughout my travel, or even after I finish it.

I am curious to observe if my reasons for traveling change or evolve over time, and sometime in the future I plan to shoot another video in which I review my motivations.

At least for now, a big part of the motivation is to get to know about other ways of living – I hope the knowledge itself will help me understand better the diverse ways of making human lives work, instead of being too influenced by only a limited number of “success cases” that I have been exposed to in my past communities. Consequently, I hope the knowledge helps me make more regret-proof decisions about the way I choose to live the rest of my life.


I met Brett in Panama city, when I was being frustrated by certain small things. His overall positive perspective and our similarities in many unexpected aspects helped me restore energy to appreciate the joy of traveling again.