I’ve stayed in Medellín for two weeks. It has not been common to stay at one place for as long as two weeks. This time I wanted to finish the whole car repair, relax emotionally after the car accident (I’ll post separately on this), and revisit salsa socials and personal practice routines and enjoy the city’s ‘eternal spring’ weather.

Although I didn’t do much sightseeing, time flew. But one thing I did not want to miss before leaving the city was the works of Fernando Botero. I remember having seen pictures of his sculptures in high school, which convinced me to check it out.

I was curious to find out where his unique style originated from. The Museum of Antioquia wrote, “he does not paint fat people. He explores volume and sensuality of form”. Upon a closer look, it becomes clearer that the people are not fat, however, the sensuality of form still remains elusive to me.

The Botero Square (picture 1), as a public open space, was a fun place to be. It was nice seeing friends and families spending an afternoon while taking pictures with funny poses. I related with one sculpture named “thoughts” or “pensamientos” (picture 3) – it seemed to reflect myself when I think a lot. The mural (picture 4) is what I found when I visited the Square the second time. And the final one is from the “Botero mirror” at the Antioquia Museum, which wasn’t too cruel!

@parque Botero, Medellin, Colombia, march 19, 2018