I had an accident two days ago. I hit a cow on a highway while driving. Fortunately, no one was hurt and even the cow seems to be doing okay. Although I am even grateful that no one was hurt and that I learned some valuable lessons, I’ve been feeling emotional weight since the accident, as I am in constant contact with the Police and the cow’s owner, figuring out the best option for all.

And today, as if some supernatural force decided to cheer me up, I met these new people in the town where I would not have stayed were it not for the accident.

The boys first approached us. They were curious and innocent – so innocent that a couple of them asked me, “Usted es gringo?” It was a pleasant and fun change to get to know people in a town where there is very limited exposure to foreigners.

Gloria(far right in the last picture)’s daughter is in Medellin. She is crazy about Korea or its people so when she found out where I was from, she called her and passed the phone to me! Now I have a friend to meet next week.

@Taraza, Colombia, March 10, 2018