Recently I concluded that I am a water person, instead of a mountain person. I am happy when I’m close to water. And what I enjoy about climbing a mountain is that I can see water on the ground from a high altitude.

Lake Atitlan is a big body of water so I was looking forward to it. But there are almost around 10 different lake towns to choose from. After research, I chose San Antonio Palopo because it’s a quite small town – I wanted to hear the water without too much noise from human activities. So I sat on one dock and I was just there for a while. I was trying hard to remember the whole experience and sensations for future, but I didn’t know what I could do in particular.

Out of curiosity, I stopped by Panajachel, the most touristy lake town, as I was driving to Antigua. The town was not too packed and the bustling streets with lots of food options looked actually convenient.

@lake Atitlan, Guatemala, February 7, 2018