Unlike the previous few days, from Leon I had planned to spend more time for conventional touristy sightseeing activities. As expected, Leon was full of travellers which indicated that there is a free walking tour.

So I joined one early next morning, only to find out it was the first real day for the new young travel guides. They were obviously nervous and there were so many pauses, which made the whole group feel awkward.

Though I felt bad, I gave up after the first 40 minutes and sneaked into the terrace of the main catedral of the town, where I saw this unusual style of construction, which reminded me of Santorini and an imaginary Saudi Arabian palace at the same time. As shoes were prohibited, I spent about an hour on the terrace barefoot while enjoying the unique design and the view of the town. As there’s lots of strong sunlight in Leon, the floor was like a grilling stone.

@catedral de León, leon, Nicaragua, February 12, 2018