This relatively small town was on the very first page of lonely planet Mexico, as one of the top recommendations in the country.

Unfortunately it has been very cold since I came here. I hear it’s being unusually cold in Mexico city as well, so I assume it’s affecting the whole central region.

With triple shirts and double pants, I set out to walk around the Centro. It seems to be a historically important pretty small town, where there live a lot of retired American people. In fact, people from US and Canada make up a significant part of the population here. I heard English everywhere.

Again, I felt a bit ironic that the tourists are still drawn to the classic Spanish styles of construction and interior design of this town, whereas the historical significance of this place lies in the fact that one of the earliest rebellions against the Spaniards started here.

@San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México, January 30, 2018