Listening to the World

Traveling for a couple years, while being appreciate of what the world has to show. and "estando en mi salsa".

Where to meet me

1. Where am I right now? Where have I been so far?

The glowing red dot on the map is where I am at the moment, as long as I have a phone signal. You can see the past destinations while scrolling down inside the left box area.

I am sharing my estimated upcoming itinerary so that you can let me know that you are in city X so that we can plan to meet. Or if you want to join some parts of my trip don’t hesitate to let me know. At least I can always give you a ride!
Continent-wise,  I’ll travel in the following order:
  1. North America ->
  2. Central America ->
  3. South America ->
  4. Europe ->
  5. Some of Africa ->
  6. Some of Middle East ->
  7. Central Asia ->
  8. South Asia ->
  9. Oceania.
 Plans in each continent are found in the slides. There are mutiple pages.

3. Specific itinerary for the next month

 The most detailed itinerary for the next month is found in the spreadsheet below. Of course, it is always subject to change is updated from time to time.

Again, I’m always happy to meet with old or new people. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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